Science Odyssey Robot Remote BottleSumo Time Trial May 2021


We are thankful for the funding support from NSERC Science Odyssey to support this REMOTE event.

Synopsis: Be the Fastest Robot to Push the Bottles Off the Table & Survive

How to participate in our event:

  1. Read the BottleSumo Time Trial rules - Junior (grades 5-8) or Senior (grades 9-12)
  2. Build your robot - be sure to follow the size and type of robot rules
  3. Work through the provided workshop files in the programming language platform you use.
    • EV3 Lab - graphics-based programming blocks
    • EV3 Classroom - Scratch based programming
    • iPad app - graphics-based programming blocks
    • SPIKE PRIME - Scratch based programming
    • VEX IQ (Senior teams)
  4. Upload a video of your best BottleSumo Time Trial and submit your scoresheet.
  5. Send the video link and scoresheet to us for viewing.
  6. Once all teams have submitted their robot rounds we will determine the winner in each age group.
  8. UPDATE: 4.28.2021 - Nova Scotia has entered a two-week lockdown and all schools have moved to online learning. We have extended our deadline to submit robot runs to June 14th, 2021.  


EVENT RULES for BottleSumo Time Trial

BottleSumo Workshops were prepared for traditional head-to-head competitions, the workshops will work for the time trial event.

EVENT Workshops for BottleSumo Time Trial


Event registration is for teams from the Maritime Provinces

Junior (grades 5-8) registration form:

Senior (grades 9-12) registration form:

Join us May 1-16, 2021 for a Science Odyssey Robot BottleSumo Time Trial Event.

Email sent to coaches April 8, 2021. EMAIL MESSAGE TO COACHES.
Schedule: This Will be provided to teams closer to the event.
This event is completely free.
Hope to "see" you all there!!!
All registered team members must complete a consent and release form before the start of the event.