Event Day Need to Know

Important Information and Guidelines:
  • Only team members can program or build robots - Parents, coaches, and mentors are not allowed to program or build the robots.
  • Game Runs and Judging Sessions Private - The participants in FLL Challenge are all minors. To protect their privacy, the robot game runs and judging sessions will be kept private and are not available to the public.
  • Bring Snacks/Lunch - While judging sessions only last 30 minutes, teams will want time before to prepare and set up equipment. Bring snacks and a lunch as required by your team's schedule. Schedules can be found here.   
  • Feedback - Teams will be given feedback live on how well the judges can see/hear them.
  • Rankings - While we encourage all teams to do their presentations as if this was a championship competition, teams will not be ranked at the Practice Event. The purpose of this event is to give everyone a chance to become comfortable with the new Remote Event Hub. Score sheets will not be provided after the event and rankings will not be posted. The exception to this are the teams who registered to compete for the Global Innovation Award Nomination spot. ONLY the team who earns the nomination spot will be posted.
  • FIRST Remote Event Hub (REH) - The link to the REH is: https://remotehub.firstinspires.org/login

The Global Innovation Award Nominee will be notified 3 days after the Practice Event.