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Robotics Partners Conference 2018

This year’s FIRST Robotics Annual Partner Conference was a World Wide event which was held in Orlando Florida. Operational and Affiliate Partners from all over attended this week long event.

(These World Events take place every three years – the last one was held in Boston in 2015)

The theme for this coming year’s event is Space – and it will be the first time that all four FIRST disciplines will share the same theme for each of their respective competitions.

In recognition of FIRST LEGO League’s 2019 adventure titled “Into Orbit” a visit to the Kennedy Space Centre also took place. Florida has been the centre for space exploration from the very beginning, so it was only fitting that this year’s conference took place in Orlando and the surrounding area.

The Table Missions are always revealed this time each year to the Partners – and this year was no exception. With over 400 Partners in attendance, there is no wonder why there was so much excitement in the air when FIRST Engineer and Designer Scott Evans described the magic he created for this year’s FLL competition.

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