PromoScience Science Literacy INTO ORBIT Workshop


Thank you to all the teams who were able to attend our Science Literacy Event on campus. We had a wonderful time hosting!

The following links contained the files that were used during the event and can be used with  your team to help them better understand the INTO ORBIT project challenge for the 2018-19 FIRST LEGO League season.

Mission One - Your body in space. Learn what happens to your body in space. 

Mission Two - Canadian Space Agency What does the Canadian Space Agency do?

Mission Three - Create your own team mission patch. Every astronauts gets to create their own mission patch.

Mission Four - Research challenge. We used the book "To burp or not to burp: a guide to your body in space." by Astronaut Dr. David Williams. It can be found at your public library.

Mission Five - Train like an astronaut. Learn to use 'astronaut' gloves to open containers. 

INTO ORBIT Challenge Guide

INTO ORBIT Challenge Letter

FIRST Engineering Notebook

INTO OBIT challenge table overview.

Coach's Handout


Thank you for the generous support of NSERC PromoScience and The Canadian Space Agency.