Event Day Need to Know

Important Information and Guidelines:

  • WEATHER - The competition will not be cancelled unless Acadia University closes or the town of Wolfville declares a state of emergency. If inclement weather is expected around or on the day of the competition, please arrange to come early (or stay late) to ensure safe commuting to and from the competition. To get updates on campus closures please see: http://security.acadiau.ca. Please ensure you have winter-appropriate attire, including footwear, as lunch (Wheelock Dining Hall) is located at the top of Acadia's somewhat-steep campus. and FLL Challenge judging sessions will require walking to and from the BAC and the Gymnasium.
  • Where to stay in Wolfville - There are many hotels in and around Wolfville. To see a list of accommodations in the area please visit the Town of Wolfville's website at https://wolfville.ca/about-wolfville/visit-wolfville.
  • Only team members can program or build robots - Parents, coaches, and mentors are not allowed to program or build the robots. If parents, coaches, or mentors work on the robot the team may be disqualified from winning any awards or advancing to World Championships.
  • Spectators Welcome!  - Friends and family are invited to cheer on their teams from the bleachers of the gymnasium. Please respect that team members are working under pressure, and that the gym floor only has room for Teams and registered Volunteers. Visitors are not permitted in the team pit area.
  • Bluetooth Programming - Only teams requiring a Bluetooth connection to upload programs to their robot are permitted to do so; however, robots much be launched manually, as use of Bluetooth to start programs is prohibited. Misuse of Bluetooth for remote operation during challenges will result in immediate disqualification. Bluetooth must be turned off during the game, and always by teams who do not require it for upload. Robot names relevant to individual teams are necessary for efficient pairing.
  • Phone Policy (ROBOFEST ONLY) - Cell phones and/or iPods are strictly prohibited from the gymnasium floor, including the Pit and competition area. Any devices found in violation of this policy must be surrendered to the individual’s coach immediately. Further abuse of electronic devices to dishonour the rules and spirit of Robofest may lead to further consequences. Laptops, Chromebooks, and Tablets for programming use are acceptable.
  • AI and WIFI Policy (ROBOFEST) - In accordance with Robofest's Game rules, any outside help during the competition, including electronic and online sources, are strictly prohibited. Please note that the use of Artificial Intelligence during the competition violates this regulation. Noncompliance may result in in disqualification.
  • Mask Policy – Masks are not required at the 2023-24 competition; however, for the safety and respect of others, we ask that you kindly wear a mask if you are feeling unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms. If you are more comfortable masking in large crowds, we encourage you to do so.
  • Robotics Merchandise for Sale - bags, mugs, hats, and merchandise. will be available for purchase at the Gym, located at the registration desk. We can only accept CASH, so please remember to bring change if you intend to make a purchase.
  • Food and Drink can be purchased at the Gym: Vending machines are cash only. The Axepress Kiosk concession stand will be open during the hours of our competition, with coffee, baked goods, lunches, and snacks available for purchase. Debit, Credit, and Cash are accepted at the Kiosk

Results to be posted on this website 3 days after the championship competitions award ceremony.