Event Day Need to Know

Important Information and Guidelines:
  • WEATHER -The competition will not be cancelled unless Acadia University closes or the town of Wolfville declares a state of emergency. If inclement weather is expected around or on the day of the competition please arrange to come early (or stay late) to ensure safe commuting to and from the team meeting space. To get updates on campus closures please see: http://security.acadiau.ca.
  • Only team members can program or build robots - Parents, coaches, and mentors are not allowed to program or build the robots. If parents, coaches, or mentors work on the robot the team may be disqualified from winning any awards or moving onto the World Championships.
  • Robot Programming - Participants cannot use Wifi, Bluetooth, or any other wireless communications to program or work on their robots the day of the competition.
  • Recording Robot Runs - You can find how to record your Robofest runs by clicking here.  

Results to be posted on this website 3 days after the championship competitions award ceremony.