Robofest Registration


Registration Opening Late October 2023 at  


1. Register with Robofest's website by Dec 9th, 2022 (link below). Existing Coaches see below for Coach ID and password recovery. 

2. Pay $75 US online directly to Robofest, to register for the Game by Dec 15th, 2023. You can mail a US bank draft directly to Robofest also.

NOTE: You ONLY register for the Game Competition with Robofest's site. Acadia's Sumo event will be offered as a fun event at the Robot Programming Competition. Registration for the fun Sumo event will be done separately.

3. All participants download and sign Robofest's Release Form (please fax, mail or email to Acadia University by Dec 31st, 2022- see "Contact Us" on menu).

4. Acadia Registration fee is $175 - please make cheque payable to Acadia University and send to the School of Computer Science by Dec. 15th, 2023. (See "Contact Us" for mailing address).**

5. All participants (and guardians if applicable) sign the Release and Consent form for Acadia University. (please fax, mail or email to Acadia University by Dec. 31st , 2022)

GO HERE TO REGISTER your High School Team with ROBOFEST

EXISTING COACHES - If you had a team in Robofest last year find your Coach ID in the COACH ID LIST and use this link for your PASSWORD RECOVERY.

**Acadia Registration Fee is non-refundable. This fee is used to pay for team materials that cannot be reused.