Robofest Registration


Register at Robofest here!! 


1. Register with Robofest's website by Nov 30th, 2021 (link below). Existing Coaches see below for Coach ID and password recovery. 

2. Pay $75 US online directly to Robofest, to register for the Senior Game by Dec 15th, 2021. You can mail a US bank draft directly to Robofest also.

NOTE: you ONLY register for the Game Competition with Robofest's site. Acadia's Sumo event will be offered as a spring workshop in 2022.

3. All participants download and sign Robofest's Release Form (please fax, mail or email to Acadia University by Dec 31st, 2021- see "Contact Us" on menu).

4. Acadia Registration fee is $175 - please make cheque payable to Acadia University and send to the School of Computer Science by Dec. 15th, 2021. (See "Contact Us" for mailing address).**

5. All participants (and guardians if applicable) sign the Release and Consent form for Acadia University. (please fax, mail or email to Acadia University by Dec. 31st , 2021)

GO HERE TO REGISTER your High School Team with ROBOFEST

EXISTING COACHES - If you had a team in Robofest last year find your Coach ID in the COACH ID LIST and use this link for your PASSWORD RECOVERY.

**Acadia Registration Fee is non-refundable. This fee is used to pay for team materials that cannot be reused.