2021-22 Championship Events

It's our 16th competition year!

Due to COVID-19, our championship events will be offered remotely.

Contact our office for details: dilkeerat.dhillon@acadiau.ca

Acadia Robotics would like to thank our team members, coaches, mentors, parents, supporters, and volunteers. We continue to grow because of you!

2022 ROBOT Programming CHAMPIONSHIPS Schedules

FIRST® LEGO® League Championship Award List

March 25th -27th

*NOTE: Will update event schedules closer to the event

2022 Acadia Robotics ROBOFEST Championship Results!

Link to watch the Robofest award ceremony.

Team and robot slideshow presented at the start of the Award Ceremony.


Overview of Event Schedule -  March 25 -27, 2022

Full Event Schedule by Team -FIRST® LEGO® League

March 25: Friday, 3 Unique robot runs due in Remote Event Hub

March 26: Saturday, Judging Schedule & referee schedule

March 27: Sunday, Judging & referee schedule

March 29th - Award ceremony

Event will take place between 5:00pm - 9:00pm on all days


Overview of event schedule - March 5th, 2022


Unknown Tasks and Factors (UTF) will be individually released to coaches at 9:00 am AST on Saturday March 5th, 2022.

Teams will have a 30 min work-time starting after UTF are released to coaches.

Record 2 minute runs (no editing of video)

Submit video runs to Acadia University

March 5th: video of Team introduction are due at 12:00 pm


Please join us for the Awards Ceremony - March 15th, 2022


ROBOFEST High School Competition

March 5th, 20212



Weather Cancellation Policy - The competition will not be canceled unless Acadia University closes or the Town of Wolfville declares a state of emergency. If inclement weather is expected around or on the day of the competition please arrange to come early (or stay late) to ensure safe commuting to and from team meeting spaces. To get updates on campus closures please see: http://security.acadiau.ca.


We would like to give a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors, team members, coaches, and volunteers as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Your support over the years is invaluable!

VOLUNTEERS - Where and When to go!

Robofest Judges will be emailed your schedules for Saturday afternoon.