Robot Resources

This year either the LEGO NXT robot kits or the LEGO EV3 robot kits can be used in the competition, please note that Mindstorms Software must be used for FIRST® LEGO® League.

The following information provides guidance on getting started with the robot kits.

ACADIA ROBOTICS YouTube Channel - video playlists of online EV3 tutorials and more

STEMcentric website has tutorials for the EV3 Robot Kits, the NXT and the RCXs.

EV3 Lessons is a site started as a FIRST LEGO League Project Solution for the World Class Challenge year.  Great programming tutorials, robot build help, team building activities and more. You can even share something to be posted on the site.

The free home edition software for the NXT at can be found HERE (scroll down to find NXT)

LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Downloads 

The free home edition EV3 software can be found at HERE (Note: Does not support ultrasonic or gyroscope sensors but you can download blocks for missing sensor support) Spectrum Canada has a Single User software available for purchase.


EV3 FIRMWARE Update video from LEGO on how to update your firmware.

FOR FIRST® LEGO® League teams/coaches this is a great place for FIRST® LEGO® League Resources and Worksheets!! TECHBRICK

FIRST® LEGO® League website has a great resource page for teams GO HERE and scroll down page.

For NXT Kits

The Mindstorm construction details are provided with the NXT kits as well as software for rapidly programming the TriBot robot. The TriBot robot will be used in all NXT workshops at Acadia so we encourage teams to start with this robot and have it constructed before arriving at the workshop.

Once installed, start the LEGO Mindstorm Education NXT software by clicking the icon on the desktop. Before you start to use the program it is a good idea to look at the "Getting Started" and the "Software Overview" tabs that pop up, you can do so by clicking which one you wish to view. It is also important to go through all the aspects of the Robot Educator which is on the right hand side of the window. This will give you a complete overview of what to expect from the various buttons, and components used to write your NXT program.

You should then go to NXT Tutorial website, and run through the "Essentials" tab which is on the left side of the screen. This will run you through all the various components that the NXT has. It is strongly recommend you go through these before you start the challenges for this year's competition. There are some great features with the NXT that were not available in the RCX.

Once you have completed the Training Missions move onto the Challenges. Explore the remainder of the sections on the NXT Tutorial website. There is an "advanced" tab that is worth looking at, and could be beneficial if you are looking for a challenge. For further information on the NXT you can go to Mindstorms website for some neat information.

After completing these sessions your team should be ready to design and develop your own software to compete in the Acadia Robot Programming Competitions.