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Our 15th Anniversary Robot Programming Championship event was our largest championship ever. We are thankful to our educators, coaches, mentors and sponsors who continue to support our program to the youth in the Maritimes. Our event days were supported by over 150 volunteers, without their help we could not hold this event at the caliber with which it deserves. The youth from the 3 Maritime provinces came together on Saturday February 15th and Sunday February 16th to compete in two unique robot programming competitions.

Our middle-school teams competed in the FIRST® LEGO® League CITY SHAPER challenge, where teams worked together to create an innovate a solution to an issue in their communities as related to the challenge topic. The FIRST® LEGO® League teams also participated in robot game competitions in the afternoon, which showcased their engineering, design and programming skills. Their autonomous robots had 2.5 minutes to score as many points as possible during their robot rounds. Teams had three robot rounds each, and only their top score counted.

1st place Championship team: Royal Robots. The Royal Robots will be invited to represent the Maritimes at the FIRST World Festival being held in Detroit, Michigan in May 2020.

2nd Place Championship team: Grace Christian School. The Grace Christian School team is invited to the LEGOLAND Open, held at the LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, California in May 2020.

Our top ranked LEGO Foundation team through the generous support of the LEGO Foundation will receive an invitation to the FIRST World Festival held in Detroit, Michigan in May 2020. In addition to the invitation to the World Festival, the LEGO Foundation is providing a $5000 travel bursary to this team, to support their attendance at the event.

Our top ranked Innovative Project team is nominated to  submit their Innovative Project Solution for further consideration to the FIRST® LEGO® League GLOBAL Innovation Award. The Global Innovation Award is a competition designed to showcase the real-world, innovative solutions that FIRST LEGO League teams create as a result of their CITY SHAPER Project. Teams from around the world will be submitting their innovative project solution and the top 20 teams will be chosen to attend the 10th Annual Global Innovation Award event. This event will be held at Disney's Comtemporary Resort and World Showcase Pavilion in Epcot, June 7-9, 2020.

Our nominated team and top Innovative Project award winner is: 21st Century Space Guys

High School teams competed in the ROBOFEST senior game challenge - GolfBowl. Teams had to engineering, design and program autonomous robots to compete the GolfBowl challenge of scoring as many points as possible during a two-minute robot round. The teams had two turns on the table, and the scores from both rounds were averaged. The Robofest Senior game challenge is looking for consistency with the team's robot rounds. How robust was their programming and robot design to handle the challenge?

Our top 4 championship teams are invited to attend the Robofest WORLD Championship held at the Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan.

Our championship teams:

  1. Bomb Ace - King's-Edgehill School
  2. RNS Crane - Rothesay Netherwood School
  3. Robinsonsphere - King's-Edgehill School
  4. The Parrsboro Bogey Bowlers - Parrsboro Regional High School

Our complete list of winners from both of our Maritime Competitions:

The FIRST LEGO League team 'Portland Gophers' from Dartmouth, NS had the opportunity to showcase their CITY SHAPER robot and innovative project solution at the Discovery Centre on Saturday, January 11, 2020. The team brought their competition robot, and challenge mat along with their project presentation to share with visitors at the centre. While at the event, CTV  Atlantic interviewed the team. Check out the new footage staring at the 8:52 mark in the provided link. Good luck to the team as they prepare for the championship event being held at Acadia University on February 15th, 2020. To learn more about FIRST LEGO League in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island check out our information page.

CTV Atlantic new segment:  start at time stamp 8:52 to see the team in action.



Acadia Robotics hosted 15 high schools teams from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The event was to launch the GolfBowl Robofest Senior Game competition for 2020. Teams were able to see the competition table and review the game rules and ask questions. Resources were provided to help teams start coding their robots for this year's challenge. We look forward to seeing these teams compete on February 16th, 2020 at the Robofest championship. Robot runs are open to the public and will be in the morning at the Acadia Athletics Complex main gym.